Community Partners

Photo of United Way volunteersWe have a vision for a strong, stable community.  Through cross-sector partnerships, groundbreaking initiatives and strategic investments, United Way is delivering concrete results. By leading, collaborating and investing in initiatives and program, programs we tackle social issues with key community partners. We leverage our assets to galvanize our community around a common cause, a common vision and a common path forward. No other single organization brings together the passion, know-how, and resources around a unified commitment to strengthening our region’s children, individuals and families.

United Way believes that change happens when communities work together. We bring people together to tackle issues at the root causes. We provide the following support services to improve the service delivery of our provider partners to improve outcomes:

  • Grants that help community organizations establish, staff and run CSFs in neighborhoods that need them, covering everything from start-up funds to operating costs
  • Technical assistance and training to help staff reach out to potential clients and offer effective coaching and job counseling
  • Data collection tools that help tailor support for individual clients and inform the work at large
  • Professional networking support in the form of national and regional meetings, collaborative groups and an online library of resources on similar integrated service delivery models

United Way also plays a critical role in establishing and maintaining quality standards of service and holding programs accountable for results. Each site uses a shared client database system to record services and outcomes. As part of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Financial Opportunity Centers (FOC) network, the CSF sites have joined a growing national professional network of nearly 90 centers across the country. United Way and national LISC program managers track the progress of each operating site and establish performance benchmarks. Based on the results, United Way is able to provide technical assistance when it will be most effective.