United We Fight

At United Way, we fight for the education, health and financial stability of every person in Pierce County. We identify community needs, and we find every dollar we can to address them. But we’re more than the fundraisers. We are the hand raisers. We are game changers. We battle for all of our neighbors in need. No matter the obstacles. No matter the odds. We surround a community’s most critical problems. And we fight. We fight for those who need a voice and those whose names we do not know. Please join us in our fight to end poverty by 2028.


United Way of Pierce County believes by making an early investment in our children and their families, we can help them remove the barriers preventing them from breaking the cycle of poverty. Through Strong Families and Successful Kids, we can create a thriving, connected community. And when our community thrives, we all win.


Our work is focused on four key areas. These interconnected strategies are key to helping families break the cycle of poverty.




Have you met ALICE?

A key component to our focus is understanding who is most affected by poverty as well as those living right above the poverty line. Find out more about our research on financial stablity in our region and the truth about how many people in our community are struggling.


United Way brings people together to make a real difference in the issues the community cares about. That's why we works in partnership with many individuals and organizations around the county to impact the community. We are members of many collaboratives serving young children, families and our military population. We provide staffing, volunteers, funding and advocacy support to local initiatives and programs aligned with our goal to break the cycle of poverty. We hold annual Community Conversations, listening to the people who live here and together addressing the most pressing issues that our communities care about. We also give out Neighborhood Grants to resident- or community-led groups for projects in their neighborhood or community that help improve the quality of life for its residents in addition to our traditional funding. Why do we do all of this? We believe that change happens when communities work together and we know that together, we can accomplish more than any of us can do alone. That’s what it means to LIVE UNITED.


We recognize that inequities exist in Pierce County--leading to disproportionately poor outcomes for children and families of color, those struggling with poverty and those living in outlying areas of our county. Firmly believing that a person’s race, level of income or geographic location should never limit their opportunity for success, we are committed to using a lens of equity for all work in which we lead, support or invest.