United Way of Pierce County has been serving this community for nearly 100 years. In the beginning, we were all about raising funds and distributing them to local programs. We still do fundraising and we still invest in local efforts but we are not the same organization we were in 1921. Today, United Way of Pierce County is about more than funding human services. We are about changing conditions and making a lasting impact in our community. We still raise money annually through our workplace campaign but we also combine those funds with the gifts of other inpiduals and grants. We strategically invest in programs and efforts that are aligned with our goal of breaking the cycle of poverty because we know one organization alone can't solve our community's toughest issues, but together, united, we can. We support those efforts with volunteer help and in-kind goods. We advocate at the state and local level to make sure government resources for struggling families are available. We put every resource we have into breaking the cycle of poverty in Pierce County.


By 2024, United Way of Pierce County will, in collaboration with community partners, break the cycle of poverty by removing barriers and focusing on long-term solutions.


Poverty is a complex issue. To break the cycle of poverty in Pierce County, it is going to take all of us!

  • YOU - Donating, advocating and volunteering to break the cycle of poverty.
  • UNITED WAY STAFF  - Lending our expertise in volunteerism, data collection and analysis, evaluation and capacity building, early childhood education and more.
  • FUNDED NONPROFIT PARTNERS - Collaborating to share best practices and create community-wide solutions.
  • CORPORATIONS & SMALL BUSINESS - Investing time and money into the communities that need us the most.
  • VOLUNTEERS - Lending a hand to communities in need through mentoring, cleaning up neighborhoods, coaching and more.
  • COMMUNITY MEMBERS - Empowering themselves with the skills and resources they need to thrive!
  • LOCAL AND STATE GOVERNMENT & PUBLIC SERVICE AGENCIES - Working together on critical legislation and public policy.

We invite you to join us in this important work. Whether you’re a donor, volunteer, or advocate, you are LIVING UNITED. And great things happen when we LIVE UNITED.


More than 125 years ago, the perse community leaders who founded United Way crossed cultural, religious and economic boundaries to make a difference through collective action. Today, persity and inclusion remain vital to achieving our mission, living our values and advancing the common good.

United Way of Pierce County fosters and promotes an inclusive environment that leverages the unique contributions of perse inpiduals and organizations in all aspects of our work. We know that by bringing perse inpiduals and viewpoints together we can collectively and more effectively create opportunities for a better life for all.

We take the broadest possible view of persity, going beyond visible differences to affirm the essence of all inpiduals including the realities, background, experiences, skills and perspectives that make each person who they are. Engaging the power of perse talent and partners ·results in innovative solutions and the community ownership necessary to address complex community issues.

Persity and inclusion are at the heart of what it means to LIVE UNITED.