The Staff were so happy to see ‘Mrs. Thomas’ at the door of Adult Day Health. Her husband, Phil, had been attending Adult Day Health for almost two years. When Phil came to Adult Day Health, his marvelous sense of humor was obvious from the minute he stepped through the door. He always had a witty remark coupled with a mischievous smile that was infectious. Despite his diagnosis of dementia, which limited his cognitive abilities, he fit right in and enjoyed the opportunity to get out into the community and be involved in all of the activities – especially Bingo! During his second year in the program, Phil’s journey with dementia became much more server and he lost his ability to communicate and was easily frustrated and sometimes frightening. As Phil’s health deteriorated, he was hospitalized and later died. After he died, Mrs. Thomas donated Phil’s supplies, which include bingo prizes. His beloved prizes were evidence that he was engaged in meaningful activity that gave him a sense of purpose – despite his encompassing and progressive debilities. Regardless that others may deem this as an insignificant accomplishment, each prize represented a huge accomplishment for Phil and one, which brought him esteem and joy.