A Caring Hand in Crisis

When I lost my job, I thought I’d be able to get another job soon, but instead I had to take on a series of odd jobs to make ends meet. Just when the money ran out and I couldn't pay my rent or provide for my children, I got into a car accident that totaled my vehicle, so I had no reliable transportation to go to interviews or a job. I found out about resources and supportive services, so I was able to buy a car and I worked out a deal with a friend—my kids slept in her children’s room while I slept in my car in her yard.  When I saved up enough to rent our own place, I was turned down by the first few places I applied-- which was discouraging and costly. When I called 2-1-1, they started working with landlords and I was accepted into a townhouse within a few days. That first night in our new place, we had no food or furniture but we had a home to call our own and my kids were happy. The sympathetic person at 2-1-1 was instrumental in helping us through a situation I hope I never have to face again. My dignity has been restored.—‘Michael’