From Fearful to Fearless

‘Amy’ first came to the YWCA of Pierce County when she filed a protection order against her husband after he was physically abusive. They had been together for almost a decade and throughout their marriage, her husband had subjected her to physical and emotional abuse as well as financial control. While an attorney was able to represent Amy in her protection order case and her divorce, she was terrified of facing her husband in court. Thanks to the attorney, Amy was able to persevere and got a fair outcome, including military benefits, in her divorce. When her ex-husband refused to comply or pay the support, she was still very afraid to contact him to try to enforce the court’s order, so she didn’t do anything for a year. When she reconnect with the YWCA, she worked with a trusted advocate who filed the appropriate claims, helped her get footing and she gained tremendous confidence over time. By the end of their time working together, she realized that enforcing the orders and asking for what she was entitled to was about not only her financial wellbeing, but it gave her closure and the strength to move on with her life.