From Homeless to Hopeful

I’m a single mother of three boys and have been a Medical Assistant for 15 years. When my father needed extra care, I stepped in to help though surgeries, hospitalizations and long-term care. It’s been a scary time, but I was determined to help my dad. I ended up losing our home since Dad’s caregiving had become my full-time job. At my lowest point, we became homeless and we were living in our car.  When I called 2-1-1, I heard this soothing voice from the most compassionate, and caring person I have ever met. My family and I are now temporarily staying with a relative and I have new resources and specific goals to help stabilize our situation. That call literally saved our lives and it was a godsend to talk with someone who knew how to navigate through the complicated process. I am so grateful that United Way and 2-11 came to my rescue. –‘Heather’