Living Strong

Originally, from Gig Harbor, the Livingstons both worked hard at temporary labor but Mr. Livingston lost his job when he fell on his bike and hurt his ribs. They lived in motels after an eviction, but couldn't afford to continue living so unstably. At the Salvation Army Jarvie Lodge, both parents went to employment classes, got reinstated on public assistance and the boys were able to stay in the same school. Both parents got jobs at a nearby fast food restaurant where they could walk to work. In time, they bought a car, worked tirelessly and tried to save money but the car broke down a lot. Finally, a rapid rehousing program helped to ensure they had a place to live, access to food banks and furniture and other resources to settle into their new home.  The boys have stayed in school, despite a long bus ride. Two shelters later and a lot of hard work on their part, they found stability and dignity for their family.