Specialized Navigators

Residents in our region experience particular challenges, so we have invested in specialists who are focused on transportation, housing, mental health and basic food enrollment services.


One of the biggest barriers to employment, medical appointments or even grocery shopping can be transportation. Our trained specialists continually update information, referrals and assessments to help navigate:

  • Public transportation and transit agencies
  • Medical transportation
  • Rural transportation
  • Volunteer driving programs for seniors and individuals with disabilities



We provide a single point of contact for various programs that support families and individuals experiencing homelessness or on the verge of becoming unhoused.

  • Emergency housing or shelter
  • Wait lists for housing placement
  • Permanent housing
  • Home maintenance
  • Eviction and foreclosure prevention



Behavioral health is just as important as physical health issues, but sometimes it’s not easy to ask for help. Our trained specialist provides confidential information about counseling, support groups and other forms of mental health assessment and treatment.

  • Outpatient and inpatient programs
  • Psychiatric assessment resources
  • Recovery support
  • Group and individual counseling



More people are searching for ways to stretch their paychecks each month. Getting access to nutritious affordable food is a challenge, but the Basic Food Program (SNAP) offers nutrition assistance to thousands of eligible, low-income individuals and families. We can walk you through it to learn about:

  • Eligibility requirements
  • Application and processing
  • Washington State information
  • Benefits locations for participating stores and other sources
  • Available food products