211 Caller

Message to 211 from a previous caller
“I know there is a stigma and stereotype for people like me who receive government assistance. I don’t plan on being on it forever, I have always worked hard and went back to school so I can have a degree in the career field I’m pursuing. I want to make good money one day and be financially stable, buy a house, and never have these worries…” “I got great news yesterday, a new place. And it’s even better because it has 3 bedrooms so my son can have his own room and a nursery, fenced yard!!!! I cried so hard when I found out and I fell asleep repeating ‘Thank you, Thank you, Thank’ I don’t know who exactly I was giving gratitude to but I just wanted to give it to everyone…” “I am so happy I was really feeling so down and out and maybe God wanted to find me a perfect place or something. I am just ready to be housed again. I got a confirmation email for my graduation ceremony, so I am so excited and need to go order my cap, gown, and tassels…” “I wanted to say thank you so much for all your time helping and supporting me.”