Our Mission


United Way of Pierce County has served our community since 1921. Our history is rooted in partnerships—bringing people from different walks of life together to improve conditions for children, families and individuals. While that will never change, our role as a community fundraiser has shifted as the United Way movement has sharpened our focus to solve key community issues that are preventing people from meeting their full potential. Today we are leading change by breaking the cycle of poverty in Pierce County.

BOLD GOAL: United, we will lift 15,000 families out of poverty by 2028

By addressing the interconnected issues affecting children and families in our community, we are ensuring that families are stronger, individuals gain stability and kids are more successful. We know one organization alone can’t solve our community's toughest problems. Moving the needle on challenging, complex issues like poverty requires individual and cross-sector collaboration that are focused on results. United Way can and does facilitate that work-- we are tackling poverty, one family at a time.

MISSION: We mobilize and unite the caring power of Pierce County to tackle our community’s toughest challenges to improve lives in measurable and lasting ways.

OUR CAUSE: We unite the community to end poverty, one family at a time.

In Pierce County, we are united to fight poverty.

  • We strategically invest in and develop programs that are aligned to address the root issues of poverty.
  • We partner with the private, public and non-profit sector to leverage resources and educate the community about interconnected issues.
  • We support those efforts with volunteer help and in-kind goods.
  • We advocate at the state and local level to make sure government resources for struggling families are available.
  • We put every resource we have into breaking the cycle of poverty in Pierce County.

Please join us in our fight.

VISION: A just, equitable and inclusive Pierce County community where everyone has access to opportunities and the resources needed to thrive and achieve their highest potential.

VALUES: The Power of Community, Diversity and Inclusion

We believe in the power of community, in working and coming together. We believe in diversity and inclusion. We believe in integrity, fairness and respect. Firmly believing that a person’s race, level of income or geographic location should never limit their opportunity for success, we are committed to using a lens of equity for all work in which we lead, support or invest.

Our community and our society are best when we extend a hand of compassion. We foster and promote an inclusive environment that leverages the unique contributions of diverse individuals and organizations in all aspects of our work. We know that by bringing diverse individuals and viewpoints together, we can collectively and more effectively create opportunities for a better life for all.

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