Each year, we convene to develop an advocacy agenda that guides community efforts to impact public policy and lift up the voice of lived experiences in a way that can benefit systems change. Our 2022 advocacy agenda focused on ensuring families and individuals had access to resources to meet their basic needs and the supports to keep families strong and on a path to thriving.  Our 2022 advocacy agenda included the following broad categories:

Basic Needs & Supportive Services
Affordable Housing
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
Support for Washington 211
Strong Families
Increase Access, Affordability and Quality of Child Care and Early Learning for Working Families
Unrestricted Cash Assistance Through a Guaranteed Income
Universal Broadband Access

2022 Legislative Successes
We supported successful legislation that resulted in passage of:

  • Continued state funding to support South Sound 211 and the statewide 211 system
  • House Bill 1866 - Apple Health and Homes - Rapidly acquire hotel/motel and apartment properties leveraging federal funds.
  • House Bill 1755 - Concerning temporary assistance for needy families’ time limit extensions during times of high unemployment.
  • House Bill 1878 - Expand Free School Meals for Washington Kids.
  • House Bill 1888 - Allowing the department of revenue to adjust the rates of remittance reductions in the working families' tax credit to align with federal maximum qualifying income levels.
  • Senate Bill 5785 - Extend Transitional Food Assistance to families leaving TANF.
  • Senate Bill 5838 - Diaper Subsidy Program.
  • House Bill 1723 - Closing the digital equity divide by increasing the accessibility and affordability of telecommunications services, devices and training.
  • Senate Bill 5793 - Lived Experience Stipend.
  • Senate Bill 5729 - Creating a good cause exception to administrative hearing failed lines for applicants or recipients of certain public assistance benefit.


Community champions spend time researching measures expected to come before state leaders during the legislative session. These volunteers explore each measure and what affect they could have on the community as well as the human services system.

By becoming an advocate in your community, you help to inspire hope and create opportunities for a better tomorrow for the lives of children and families who are struggling to get by. Advocacy is a key part of our fight against poverty. Ensuring policy and program improvement is essential to achieving maximum collective impact.