211 Lyft

Keisha called into the 211 like because she was looking for help paying for worker retraining for Phlebotomy. She was a level 3 CNA in Texas, but she would have to be retrained for here in WA. She was also looking for help with transportation to look for work.
Keisha said she was able to get LYFT rides to her job interviews and was offered two positions. She chose one and because of 211 she was able to get her to work. She said this really helped her because her car was in the shop, and she didn't know how she was going to get there.
We follow up with her again and she said that she is still working at her job after saving up and some hard work she was finally was able to get her car fixed.
She said something that touched me, in her own words Keisha said "When I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel you were there and guided me through. I was going through a lot, and you really came through for me and helped me get through the hurdle of getting to my orientation and get to work and I really appreciate all you and 211 has done for me."