1921 - 1940

1921-1940: Boy Scouts, the Community Chest and billboards



The goal of the 1922 Community Chest fundraising campaign was $271,478,68. To promote the campaign, Boy Scouts put stickers on the windshields of parked vehicles around  downtown Tacoma. The slogan of the drive was "Tacoma Cares...Do Your Share."  The drive, which ran for 10 days in March, raised funds for 28 relief and social agencies. 


Boy Scouts

Group of Men

In the 1920s, the Salvation Army operated a hotel in downtown Tacoma at 1407 Pacific Avenue was known as "Hotel Goodwill." Several hundred men were given free lodging and board in the hotel. In 1922, the Salvation Army received their entire support from the Tacoma Community Chest. 




This 1922 newspaper clipping shows the officers of the Federation of Social Agencies of Tacoma, including: H. V. Alward, president (upper left) and Mrs. J. W. McFadon, first vice president (center). Rev. J. W. Kennedy, second vice president, is also pictured (upper right). 





Frances and Violet (last names unknown), from the Childrens' Industrial Home, appeared on the front page of the Tacoma News Tribune on January 29, 1925, along with a copy of their handwritten thank you letter and appeal for funds addressed to "Mr. and Mrs. Tacoma." They were thankful for the support their home received through the Community Chest campaign. The home housed 70 youngsters—some of them orphans--ages infant through 14.



This 1933 billboard encouraged people to “give in your own city” to the Community Chest. The campaign, which ran November 7-21, raised much-needed funds to support many local agencies that worked to address the human needs of people in the Tacoma area.  

Community Chest

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