GRIT Application FAQs

Information about the GRIT application and selection process

Around 2,000 applications were submitted for participation in GRIT, Tacoma’s one-year guaranteed income demonstration undertaken by the City of Tacoma and United Way of Pierce County to test the impact of providing cash support for community members on the edge of poverty.

The applications were processed by independent researchers at the Center for Guaranteed Income Research at the University of Pennsylvania to make sure there are no duplications and that all entries meet the GRIT eligibility criteria. Applicants were chosen randomly based on meeting all eligibility parameters:

  • City of Tacoma residents currently residing in Eastside (98404), Hilltop (98405), South Tacoma (98409) and the South End (98408);
  • single parent or guardian households with children living in the home up to age 17, children with disabilities up to age 21;
  • meet the Alice definition: Asset Limited, Income Constrained while Employed.

All other responses on the application beyond the eligibility questions will be used for social research purposes only, and not to disqualify an applicant. 

Three hundred seventy five applications met the eligibility criteria to participate in the demonstration and were randomly sorted by the researchers into groups:

  • Recipient participants: 110 participants randomly selected to get $500 per month for 12 months directly deposited into a personal account. This group will be eligible to participate in surveys and interviews to help us understand how guaranteed income works. This group will be paid $30 on a gift card for each survey they complete.
  • Control participants: 132 randomly-selected people who do not receive the monthly $500 stipend, but who will be eligible to earn gift cards by completing research surveys during the pilot so we can learn more about Tacoma and our residents’ needs. This group will be paid $30 on a gift card for each survey they complete.
  • Non-participants. 

The independence of the selection process and its protocols ensure that the process is free of bias.

Participation in this program will be kept private and confidential. Only employees of GRIT and the University of Pennsylvania research team will know the names of participants. 

Once the initial month of funds are distributed, the GRIT research fellow will invite control participants to participate in surveys and interviews over the course of the 12-month demonstration.

The information shared through the application will only be used for research purposes, and GRIT, United Way and the City of Tacoma staff will not have access to data for non-selected individuals. This means that we don’t have the ability to notify people who have not been chosen to participate. Applicants can check back to this page or sign up for the GRIT newsletter to stay up to date on the notification process.


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